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    膠囊 丸劑 針劑 顆粒劑 外用 口服液 大輸液
    Company Introduction
    To develop business, integrity management
    Wenzhou Kanghong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 March, formerly known as Wenzhou biochemical pharmaceutical joint distribution company. After ...
    News Center
    Advocate civilized service, quality assurance
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    Personnel recruitment
    Pioneering innovation fast precise harmonic integrity dedication
    Welcome you to join us, believe you me to be more beautiful tomorrow. "Product Most business integrity management "spirit of enter...
    Copyright:Kang Hong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Address: Wenzhou Lucheng warehousing base four two buildings East first
    Website:www.clyyy.com Tel:88625617 Contacts:Mr. Dai  Technical:YOUGOO Administrator login
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