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      Wenzhou Kanghong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 March, formerly known as Wenzhou biochemical pharmaceutical joint distribution company. After years of development, the company has formed a comprehensive type has a certain scale and strength of the pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises. 2002 July to participate in the GSP certification and passed, is one of three enterprises in Wenzhou area of the first through the national GSP certification. In 2007 October by the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of GSP re authentication. In 2012 November by the Provincial Bureau GSP certification once again.

      A complete organization, perfect management system, quality management system in normal operation, and management of the whole process to the effective implementation of GSP. The existing staff of 60 people, of which 5 pharmacists, practitioners pharmacist 1 people, 2 people, 2 people, medicine, accountants 2, economist 1. The total area of 2500 square meters warehouses, facilities and equipment. Automatic monitoring system of equipment for temperature and humidity, can effectively regulate the warehouse temperature and humidity in the normal range, and fully guarantee the safe storage of drugs.

      The company has strong economic strength, formed a strategic partnership with Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Hebei, Southern China and other places of several well-known pharmaceutical producing enterprises and regional distributors, business Chinese and Western medicine for more than five thousand, including the scope of business: Chinese herbs, Chinese patent medicine, chemical medicine preparations, chemical raw material medicine, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, biological products, psychotropic drugs etc.. Product sales cover the whole area of Wenzhou and Zhejiang, Fujian province and other places, to enjoy a relatively high visibility and reputation in the customers.

      The company established party branch in 2007, the existing 11 members. The basic realization of the important post key staff members, and fully guarantee the company running the vitality and efficiency.

      The company has a strong transport team, strive to in the shortest possible time goods will be accurately delivered to the hands of customers. Commitment 24 hours of service. Other areas not later than 48 hours.

      The purpose of our business is:

      Expand the business credit management; advocate civilized service quality assurance.

      Our enterprise spirit is:
      Pioneering shortcut; innovation; strict harmony; honesty and dedication.
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